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Your rights as a casual (ASU webinar) - Shared screen with speaker view
Tom (ASU)
Hi all! Welcome to this webinar about casuals! I'm Tom and I work at the ASU! Feel free to introduce yourself in the chat and ask any questions here too!
Katja McPherson
Hi Kristy
kristy mcneil
Katja McPherson
I am from the Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre in Lismore so if you need any local free legal assistance call us 6621 1000.
Sherylyne Moran
My centre employs 2 workers who are paid as casuals. They work with children during school term but not over the school holidays. Their work is regular when they are working during the school term. Should they be permanent part time and not casual.
Tom (ASU)
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Helen Short
Dear Judith, thank you very much. Just checking in, if employees have PPT hours on their contract, yet regularly work full time, i.e., by picking up extra shifts, does this mean they are full-time, where, to explain further, the PPT hours are predictable, yet, extra shifts are taken to take the worker to full time hours.
kristy mcneil
with the new casual rate system should the casuals be paid the amount they used to be paid, if the new system is under the old amount.? e.g go from the 3.2 back to 3.1 our are are not any predicatable hours. some staff may have one regular shift a week if lucky
Sherylyne Moran
With the Rissato case, why is he elegible for annual leave when he recieved casual leave loading?
Augustine Onyekwu
Hi can my employer change my roster or stop giving me the regular shifts I have been doing for 2yr as a casual because i declined their permanent part time offer.
Tom (ASU)
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Tom (ASU)
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Tracey Johnson
Hi, doing overtime but not getting that overtime pay
Barbara Taylor
Thank you Judith, Tom and Angus!
Sherylyne Moran
Tnank you - very helpful.
Debbie Fowler
Thanks so much. Appreciate your time
Tom (ASU)
Thanks everyone!
Shayne Silvers
thank you
Grace Vegesana
Thank you!